Are you interested in starting a high school racquetball team in Oregon? Here’s the information that you need for creating and running a high school racquetball team. Also, below is information for current coaches.


Learn about how you can start a high school racquetball team.

How to establish a Team

 Club and Practices

To establish a new team the first thing you will need to do is find a suitable practice venue. A club that has enough courts to accommodate your team. Ideally the club you choose should be accessible to the students, so they can easily attend practice.

Set a practice schedule that is at least two times a week. It is best to keep a signup sheet for your players, so you can track attendance. Don’t be discouraged there are many drills and techniques that are easily taught to new players. The most important thing to do is have a practice schedule and provide court time for your players.

Forming a Team

There is no magic number to form a team. There are teams with as few of players as 1 and as many as 80. As a new team you might want to aim for at least 10 players. Speak to the school your team is with to establish key contacts for forming clubs.

Have a booth at the school’s club fair to recruit new players. Have your players each recruit a friend to play.

Club Fees

Consider setting a set fee for the club to pay for league fees, states, and nationals. You can also decide to fund raise to off set the various costs of playing.

Club Structure

Once you have a team formed you will need to structure your club accordingly. Consider having a president, treasure, volunteer coordinator. Some clubs even go the extra step of forming a non-profit to make fund raising easier for their club.

Notify the Board

Contact someone from the board to notify them of your new team. They will walk you through the registration process and add you to the appropriate email distributions, so you can have as much information as possible to have a successful team. Make sure you attend the coach’s meetings and check the website for updates to know when league match dates are and the upcoming tournaments for your players to gain experience.

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Players and Coaches, this is the information that you need this season.

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