During League Events:

  • Conduct yourself in a respectful and sportsmen like manner
  • Show up early for your league match
  • Stay hydrated during the day it is a long day
  • Bring snacks and food
  • Cheer your team mates on
  • Don’t be disruptive
  • Clean up after yourself at the clubs we are guests
  • No inappropriate language should be used at League events
  • Have integrity
  • Hold up if a shot is not safe, better safe then sorry just replay the rally
  • Advocate for yourself if you think you are right
  • Stay close to tournament desk or court to ensure you are not late to play your match
  • At States and Nationals be aware that if you lose you will have to ref

Refereeing Tips

  • Make a call and stand by it
  • Pay close attention to short serves and long serves
  • Accurately calculate points
  • If a player is arguing a call tell them that if the other player agrees it can be overturned otherwise take it up with the tournament desk
  • Don’t let parents, coaches, or other players influence YOUR call YOU are the referee
  • Ask for clarification of rules when needed from the tournament desk
  • Don’t be intimidated
  • Be loud, clear, and precise in your calls so everyone can hear you


Here’s what parents can expect during the high school racquetball season.
  • Be prepared for a long day
  • Carpool when you can
  • Bring snacks and drinks for players but also yourself!
  • Cheer your player and your players team at the appropriate time
  • Do help coach when necessary, but let the kids figure out the rules and refereeing themselves
  • Remember that there should be no talking during rally’s so kids can concentrate
  • Some venues might need extra volunteers be kind lend a hand
  • Conduct thyself in a sportsmen like manner (please don’t let racquetball parents make the news)
  • Chaperone kids when necessary we know our kids are kind and well mannered, but be an extra set of eyes


Players and Coaches, this is the information that you need this season.

Ever wonder why everyone is cheering after a rally? Not sure what the rules are? New to racquetball? No problem! Please click the rules link and it will take you directly to all the rules of racquetball. If you are a new player please use the forms here to register with your team. Don’t know what team to play for? Click the teams page and find your high school team and coach!

Oregon High School Racquetball League